Wall Street Journal Wine Club Review – June 2013

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club just sent me an email letting me know that they’re bringing back their 12 bottles of red or white wine for JUST $5 a bottle offer for a limited time only!

CLICK HERE to take advantage of this offer while it still lasts!!!

As you can read in our Wall Street Journal Wine Club Review, they’re not only one of our favorite wine clubs, but also one of the best values available anywhere online!

We like to keep our reviews updated often, which is why our June 2013 review of the Wall Street Journal Wine Club wouldn’t be complete without information on their latest special offer:

“You don’t have to pay very much to drink really, really well. In fact, all it takes is $10, and the choices are just astounding … if you know where to look. For every impressive, higher-priced bottle, there’s an equally impressive $10 bottle. Same hand-crafted quality at a lower price.

Our promise to you is as follows:
+ Every bottle just $10 — except with today’s special offer, they’re ONLY $5 each.
+ Every bottle GUARANTEED DELICIOUS — or you don’t pay a penny.
+ Every bottle from BOUTIQUE WINERIES — in the world’s most exciting wine regions.”

So, be sure to sign up with the Wall Street Journal Wine Club while their latest SPECIAL OFFER is still up and running! Enjoy the savings and the amazingly good wine :-)

Wall Street Journal Wine Club Review - June 2013

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